Duroflex 3D is an aluminum sheet manufactured with a unique ripple finish. This innovative profile provides the panel with tridimensional adaptability that facilitates the installation of complex applications.

The integrated sealer tape, placed throughout the whole reverse surface, offers excellent adherence to most materials. Thus, the panel is completely secured to the surface, guaranteeing maximum water tightness to the place where it has been applied regardless of its final shape.

The sealer tape is also highly flexible. This flexibility allows perfect adaptation to potential roofing expansions and other minor alterations, prevents possible fissures or cracks, and guarantees the insulation. The coating provides high resistance to weather conditions and UV rays, and protects the detailed finish and the style of the product.

Its multiple functions as well as its extraordinary adaptability facilitate the installation and guarantee water-tightness. These features make Duroflex 3D an excellent product for multiple applications that ensures style and resistance. For its multiple applications, it is manufactured in different widths and two colors: Spanish red and black.

Multiple applications

  • Vent insulation
  • Chimney insulation at roof surfaces
  • Gutter insulation

Note: For best adherence results, apply the product to a clean and dry surface


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