When building a ventilated roof application, regulations require the application to be safe and permanent. Duroflex Air Circulation is a self-adhesive aluminium roof flashing ideal for making quick and secure repairs while increasing the weather tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge. It guarantees ventilation at ridges or roof hips and prevents moisture damages on the surface.

Its panel is longitudinally perforated and provides the necessary ventilation along the ridge or roof hip. Panel perforations are measured to prevent obstructions, and guarantee a safe ventilated surface that complies with the new CTE requirements: [30>Ss/Ac>3], Ss being the actual ventilated surface in cm2 and Ac the total roof surface in m2.

The integrated sealer tape on both sides allows a hermetic seam to the surface, and facilitates an easy and reliable installation.


Duroflex Air Circulation is specially recommended for:

  • Roof hips
  • Ridges
  • ventilacion


    Quick and easy to install, it saves time during installation, and reduces the risks associated with the installation of similar products.


    1. Set Duroflex roll on the central strip and then unroll it.

    2. Remove the protective tape while and then press strongly to adapt the adhesive sheet to the roof.

    3. Pull out the string to lift the protection tab.

    4. For optimum adhesion the base should be dry and free of dust. It is recommended to apply a bridge joint in order to fill the pores and remove dust.


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