The Duroven vents are an innovative extraction system for chimneys developed and patented by Induro. Made of 2mm thick aluminium panel with welded joints, it has an overall height of 50 cm and 43 cm from the base. The caps have 7 panels to extract gases and fume easily while protecting the chimney from rainwater. It has also the possibility to incorporate an anti-bird grille.


Optimum installation

Based on performance tests, for an optimum aspiration at least one of the external dimensions of the chimney, width or height, must not exceed 90 cm while the wall thickness (“A” in figure), would be optimum for a value between the 10 and 14 cm.

A wall thickness over 18 cms will imply losing effectiveness.



Black, grey and red. Other colours are available under request.

Duroven systems comparison

Made with automated welding equipment. All joints are fully welded to provide a superb finish and excellent reliabilityYESYES
Its unique and innovative design meets the aesthetic requirements demanded by the marketYESYES
Patented modelYES-
Provides maximum fume and gases extraction while allows greater capacity for ventingYES-
It ensures water tightnessYES-
Integrate environmental considerations and prevent birds getting into the roofYESOptional: anti-bird grill
Custom manufacturingYESYES

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