Chimney caps and chimney vents by Duroven are especially designed to improve chimney draught and prevent smoke and fumes from circulating back inside. Its welding process carried out with automated equipment, ensures an excellent finish and reliability increasing shelf life of product. Duroven products are avaialble in three colors: red, black and grey.


  • Duroven caps and vents are manufactured with automated welding equipment, finishing all joints perfectly for an excellent reliability.
  • Its unique and innovative design meets the aesthetic requirements demanded by the market.
  • Thanks to our patented model, Duroven chimney vents provides the best results in smoke extraction.
  • Duroven systems prevent roofs from penetration of rainwater.
  • It stops birds getting into the chimney impeding the creation of birds´ nests.


Our patented system generates a screening that allows to separate pressure zones while creating a depression zone within the chimney. When the wind strikes the Duroven vent, its unique design provokes a severe air depression within the chimney facilitating aspiration.

Tests conducted in our laboratory showed that our patented system offered the best results, even at very low speed wind, in the removal of fumes and gases. Thus, the maximum efficiency in fume and gases extraction is achieved with Duroven, independently of what chimney sizes are and where they are located.


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