When choosing the roof window we recommend you to consult with an architect who will help you choose the correct window to suit the type and character of the space. Given the slope of the roof and the height it is easier to choose the model that best suits your room.

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Veycla windows allow installation on roofs with a slope between 15° and 70° while Veycla skylights require less than 15° and 50° slope

It should be noted that:

  • To get the full functionality of window allowing light, fresh air and a wide view to the outside, the upper frame of the window should be between 1.85 and 2 meters above the ground.
  • The minimum slope should be 15°, which equals to a slope of 26%.
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Roof windows provide more natural light than vertical windows thanks to the slope of the roof. Depending on the design of the attic, you can also choose between having a single window or a combination of several windows:

  • Several windows distribute the light obtaining a more uniform illumination.
  • A single window concentrates the light in an area.

All our models are top-hung. This gives the undercover space a greater feeling of spaciousness, and allows an unobstructed and wider view. The opening system is located at the bottom frame of the window to facilitate both, opening and closing. Our unique opening system allows the window to open at any desired position.

Once the window model it is required a proper finish of the interior part to have better lighting and mitigate condensation problems with air recirculation.


At this case, the sharp corners of impede air recirculation becoming areas where is easier for condensation to occur when the window is closed.

If the top section is parallel to the floor and the bottom is perpendicular, you will have a more uniform light distribution and better air recirculation.

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